A Modern Office Fitout Can Help With Productivity

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29/12/2021 10:00 AM
Most employees who work in an office setting spend around one-third of their time at work on most days of the week. And gone are the days when employees can continue to work in uninspiring settings....

How to make use of unused space in the office

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10/11/2021 12:29 PM
Unused space in the office will only hurt your balance sheet. After all, even a small area of unused space is a lost cost. If you are paying in full for your office, you should utilise most areas so...

You Should Refurbish Any Old Office You Take Over

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13/09/2021 10:20 AM
Are you planning to take over an old office?Do you feel that the disruption of moving into a new office might want you to consider refurbishment?Then, you are at the right spot. Find out why you...

Top 3 signs it is time for an office fit-out

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09/08/2021 14:46 PM
When employees spend approximately 8 hours a day in the same space, every single day, for years, they are bound to feel uninspired by the office space. Of course, over time, your office will also...

Workplace Culture and Morale Most Likely to Increase after an Office Renovation

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11/06/2021 10:19 AM
Work life can be difficult as it is. You have to be the absolute best at your job, and then there is the added pressure of meeting deadlines, delivering your best work while at it, long hours,...